What Mirror Product is best for you?


How to choose a bathroom mirror. There are alot of options to choose from and picking the right mirror can have a huge impression on how you bathroom will look.

All our mirrors are made to measure and custom cut to the exact millimetre. They are A grade quality silver float glass with thickness varying from either 4mm or 6mm depending on type. All our glass is quality checked to ensure it is free from waves and imperfections. Larger sized mirrors will be 6mm, thicker glass which helps make them more rigid and reduces the possibility of breaking. We use an edge sealant, which is specially formulated for a clear coating to reduce silver deterioration.

We have 5 different types of mirrors to pick and choose from, all offering a unique design and purpose.


Our bevelled mirrors add a style that you can’t get from an ordinary mirror. The right bevelled mirror will uplift your space while providing a classic look that is timeless and pairs perfectly with any fixture in any finish.


Our framed mirrors can enhance your décor in numerous ways including the colour and thickness of the frame. We have a large range of sizes and shapes to make your space more stylish and appear more spacious.


Our frameless mirrors perfectly complements a minimalistic space and can be custom sized to suit any room no matter how big or small. They provide a modern, sleek design that many people are opting for these days.

Micro Edge

Our Micro Edge will create a stylish look for any space, they mimic the appearance of a frameless mirror while having the structural benefits of a framed mirror.


Our oval or round mirrors are fast becoming a best seller. They provide a classic look that is timeless and become a feature on any wall. They are unique and stand out from any ordinary mirror.

Our team at Millennium Glass are experts can advise you on what mirror will enhance your design, and fit your desired room best, while always maintaining a high standard of quality.
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