Frequently Asked Questions

What does my warranty cover?

Your warranty covers any faults or defects caused by unsatisfactory workmanship under Australian law. If the fault is minor, we will compensate you with a replacement, repair or refund. If the fault is irreparable, you may choose a replacement or refund at your own discretion.

After 14 days, any faults that arise due to improper maintenance or the environment will not be covered under this warranty. However, we will be able to help you with any problems for a reasonable service fee.

Examples of some problems that are not covered after 14 days include:
  • • Door not working/door dropped
  • • Leaking
  • • Uneven gaps
  • • Scratched glass or hardware
  • • Mould
  • • Seals cracking.
When might my warranty be voided?

Under Australian law, your warranty may be voided in cases where the product in question has not been maintained properly, where instructions on our warranty card were not followed, where the product was still used after the defect became noticeable, where the goods are not used for their intended purpose and/or any modifications were made to the product.

What are the terms of my warranty?

If taken care of properly, our products will be warranted for as long as the terms in the table below.

Product Years
Framed shower screens 4
Semi-frameless and frameless shower screens 7
Mirrors 1
Splashbacks 3
Wardrobes 4
Pool fencing and balustrading 4
How can I claim my warranty?

If you find any problems with your product, first ensure you have paid your invoice, have your invoice details handy, taken any photos or videos of the problem and have prepared a description of the problem you have encountered. Also ensure that you have not voided your warranty and that the product is within the warranty period.

Then you may contact us to make us aware of the problem, and we will ask you to contact us. We may schedule a visit to have a closer look at the problem if necessary. After assessing the problem, we will get back in contact with you to discuss what we will be going to do.

You can contact us on 07 5593 5898 within business hours, or on our email at Our business address is located at 48 Dover Drive Burleigh Heads Queensland 4221.

What colour metal do you supply?

We supply a wide range of metal colour options for our framed and semi-frameless screens. You can find a list of them here. If you are looking for another colour option, contact us and we may be able to help you.

What colour glass do you supply?

For our painted splashbacks, we can supply any colour from the Dulux colour range you can find [here].

What is the difference between the types of shower screens do you offer?

We supply framed, semi-frameless and frameless options. Framed screens are fully framed with aluminium and while they need more maintenance, they are our cheapest option and the most watertight.

Semi-frameless screens are partially framed with aluminium but has polished glass edges around the front of the screen that gives it a very sleek look. It is our second-cheapest option that fits into any modern home.

Frameless screens are polished glass panels secured to the wall with small metal brackets and silicone. The lack of a frame gives these panels a very elegant appearance, though they are our most expensive option as the glass must be thicker to make it sturdier.

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